Meet Our Ambassador Voula Cicchelli

Need motivation or someone to give you a daily boost? Or perhaps you need a friendly face every day to keep you on track. If there is someone you must follow on Instagram and Facebook, it’s Voula Cicchelli. Along with her friendly smile she brightens your day with inspiration, holistic health advice and sometimes a good laugh.

Her Credentials

As a Holistic Nutritionist, certified Personal Trainer, Body Transformation Coach and owner of Lifestyle4Life, Voula Cicchelli’s expertise is helping clients utilize food and exercise to battle depression, lose weight and gain their confidence back. She educates her clients, empowering them to take personal ownership of their own health and happiness. Voula is also the author of Deliciously Healthy, a recipe e-book as well as the popular Clean Eating Kick Start 7 day program. Voula’s passion is infectious and she continues to motivate and help women all over find their way back to themselves.

How We Met

I met Voula about a year ago through the power of social media. From our first meeting, it felt like I had known her all my life. What a sweet, caring, selfless young woman and powerhouse. She spoke of her journey and truly speaks to inspire and motivate you to be your very best. And you know why? Because she absolutely loves what she does and supports others along their own personal journeys. From that first meeting, she has been a constant in my life. I became a subscriber and look forward to her emails where she has a talent for uplifting you, motivating you and delivering fitness and health education in an adorably entertaining manner.

As a fan of fitness and healthy living myself, I need exercise in my life just like I need air and water to survive. But even I needed help when I couldn't motivate myself to go to the gym or I was just too busy. I started feeling guilty and depressed. That's where Voula came to my rescue. She gave me workout at home solutions using just 30 minutes a day. With 30 minutes, I had no more excuses. And these routines were by no means easy! They were short and effective.

I also downloaded her ebook “Deliciously Healthy” providing me over 25 simple and delicious recipes in under 30 minutes. I’ve also tried many of her quick 30 minutes and not-so-easy but EFFECTIVE workouts. You will often find her wearing our comfy athleisure attire from Slymwear and MPG Sport. She was also gracious enough to volunteer her time to model for us during on Rogers TV during our first debut appearance and our encore appearance featuring “Athleisure”.

Her Personal Journey

As a mom, she understands that we tend to take the back seat and because of that, we often suffer with ill health. She suffered depression after the birth of her second child and it affected her entire life. Her marriage was suffering and with a one year old to care for, she was miserable and eventually became overweight. She eventually took matters into her own hands and took the first big step. Nowadays, you will find her one of the first to wake up at the crack of dawn to fit in her workouts before the rest of her family is up and ready to start the day. She makes this a priority and makes it NON-NEGOTIALBLE.

Where to Find Her
You will find her daily on Instagram and Facebook sharing daily motivation, nutrition tips, workouts, recipes and more. You can also check out her Website where you can subscribe to her awesome and informative weekly emails and shop for one of her popular programs. You can also grab one, or both of her FREE guides that will get you started in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for? Follow her along and she will follow you along your personal journey to get healthy, strong and confident!

Antonella Caggianiello
Antonella Caggianiello


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