Yoga Pants Everywhere


 We love Ellen! She humors us with the worldwide trend that is yoga pants which has diminished jean sales for several years. She quickly jabs at the statistics stating less than 5% of purchasers use them as activewear. Many have voiced opinions against this trend stating its not for everyone (#YogaPantsAreNotForEveryone #YogaPantsAreNotPants). However, the trend appears to stick as women love comfort and the negativity does not appear to convince women otherwise. The brands are responding by offering more versatile options such as dressy yoga pants. What are your thoughts and opinions? #Yoga #Yogapants #Activewear #Gymwear #Slymwear #BambooNaturals #BambooClothing #YogaPantsEverywhere



Antonella Caggianiello
Antonella Caggianiello


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