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Changing the Perception of Beauty in the Fashion Industry

November 23, 2017

Changing the Perception of Beauty in the Fashion Industry


Most of us are familiar with the only era in history - the Renaissance age - where artists chose to depict beauty in their masterpieces with the bodies of more voluptuous women. With the introduction of the Victorian era, this trend and perception of beauty changed. Women started to become more self-conscious and fashion trends evolved with it. The perception of "skinny is beautiful" has stuck to this day.The Alda women, a coalition of plus size models, are hoping to change this perception of beauty in the fashion industry.  After being dissolved from their former modelling agency, these women re-grouped and are featured in Glamour's Icelandic magazine. To read more about them and see their photo shoot, click on the first image (People Magazine "Ashley Graham and Other Plus-Size Models Bare All in Gorgeous New Magazine Spread to Promote Body Diversity"). The second image will give you some historical insight with a timeline of fashion trends (Stylecasters "A Timeline of Sexy Fashion Trends Throughout the Years"). 

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