Do You Know Where Your Yoga Pants Are Made?



You would be surprised if you did a little research as to where and how your favorite yoga pants are manufactured.  According to the Elephant Journal, brands such as Lululemon, Gap's Athleta, Target and Old Navy are "almost definitely made in Asia, and you can be sure that they are made in sweatshops, where people work 100-plus hours a week (in shifts that last anywhere from 14 to 22 hours) for wages that are well below poverty level (around 20 to 24 cents per hour)." 

According to a recent Women's Health article, "Yoga Pants All Day and Every Day" there is a resurgence of other Canadian brands made right here in Canada. These local companies all have the same thing in common. Their focus is to create fashion-driven athletic apparel we all want. Each designing fashion forward trends with the latest fabrication technology to offer you the best performance gear for your active life. Being active is not just about hitting the gym. It’s a lifestyle.

Tonic Lifestyle Apparel

Like similar Canadian manufacturers in the athletic apparel industry, Tonic is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada using environmentally responsible practices. Their versatile collections are known for durable fabrics, technical excellence and exceptional fit. Innovative fabrics and thoughtful design ensure that each piece performs at the highest level time after time to stretch, move and work every step of the way

Karma Athletics

Karma has emerged as an authentic athletic wear brand, and are well regarded in many markets internationally. It is their mission to be innovative and unique. All of their garments are manufactured in Canada with high-standards of a safe and ethical workplace. They ensure their factories are operating within safe labour practices and working conditions throughout Karma’s supply chain. Local manufacturing helps to not only support the local economy but also to sustain the know-how of garment manufacturing in North America.


This collection offers premium quality athletic wear, made in Canada, and suitable for all types of activities. This line is ideal for yoga, dance, running, cycling, gymnastics or everyday casual wear. Slymwear manufactures with the highest quality where the nylon used is made to feel silky and a second skin so you can breathe and flex. With a high percentage of Spandex that is engineered into the fabric, your clothing will keep its shape forever. The breathability in this clothing allows it to dry faster than cotton, it won't fade, wrinkle, snag or pill. 

Slymwear also offers a collection of "Bamboo Naturals" and is unparalleled for its blissfully soft feel and flattering fit. The added spandex gives the fabric a little extra give when moving around. Bamboo is antibacterial, odor resistant, has natural wicking properties and is static free. The natural properties of bamboo keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Know where your product is made.

Antonella Caggianiello
Antonella Caggianiello


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