Fitness Comes in "All Shapes and Sizes"


The momentum is building. And so is Amanda Bingson, the American record holder in hammer throw. Amanda Bingson is yet another inspiring woman who embraces her curves and shows them off in the 2015 ESPN Body issue. Showing us all, yet again, that the beauty and strength of women come in all shapes and sizes! She spoke with ESPN reporter Morty Ain about taking it all off for the Body Issue, and spoke about what she'll do if she wins gold in 2016. 

Our new favorite word is "Dense". 

"Dense would be the right word for me. Generally when you look at athletes, you see their muscles and all that stuff; I don't have any of that. My arm is just my arm -- it's not cut, it's not sculpted. I don't have traps bulging out to my ears; I have a neck. I don't have a six-pack. My legs are a little toned, but they aren't bulging out. I'm just dense. I think it's important to show that athletes come in all shapes and sizes."

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Antonella Caggianiello
Antonella Caggianiello


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