Different Ways to Decorate Our Legs

Fall Winter season brings about a season of change and new beginnings. It's also our most favorite fashion season for a variety of different leg wear options available to us. If you google "ways to wear leggings" you will find numerous articles and blogs with tips and opinions of ways to wear our favorite fashion piece.  One of our favorites is written by Aisha Jones "What to Wear with Leggings - A Little Legging Can Go a Long Way". She cleverly summarizes the general rules of how we should wear leggings. She also adds some tips of what items we to wear them with right down to the shoes.

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear them:

1. Tunics and Dresses: With so many options, colors and styles, you can go for a classy evening look or a conservative day look. Instead of wearing tights or hosiery to warm up those gams, a dressy pair of leggings with booties or heels and your favorite dress/tunic will add some glam to your look! Have fun accessorizing with some chunky jewelry and scarves. We recommend a basic pair of leggings with the Peppered Knit Grey Dress or the Long Sleeve Tunic Top. For a more casual look, opt for jeggings - the look of jeans with the added comfort and forgiveness of a legging. Browse our collection of Jeggings which come in a variety of prints, colors and styles. 

2. Blouses and Tops:  For those days you are busy catching up on your errands and comfort is on your agenda, a comfortable longer length top such as the Slymwear Dolman Bamboo Top with one of our leggings or yoga pants from our Slymwear collection will do the trick. For more formal occasions, a perfect length blouse can dress up your look. Try the Damask Printed Sheer Blouse , the Off Shoulder Ivory Crochet Top or the Rhinestone Strap Chiffon Top with one of our Italian imported leggings from Calze Trasparenze.  

3. Sweaters and Wraps:  Personally one of our favorite looks of the season. From long sweaters, short sweaters, long wraps, dolman inspired wraps or cowl collared wraps, there are so many options! Try one of our best sellers, the Slymwear Kelsey Bamboo Wrap. This cowl collared wrap comes in different colors such as basic black, charcoal or brilliant blue. Pre-order yours today at info@mylegwearshop.com as we can't keep these in stock for very long! Another one of our favorite looks is the Slymwear Elise Versatile Bamboo Wrap paired with our Slymwear Lucy Long Skirt in black. 

4. Jackets: There are leggings or trouser type leggings (also known as 'treggings') which are very suitable to wear at the office. Try the Hue Ponte Shaper Leggings, the Hue Ottoman Paneled Ponte Leggings or one of our best sellers the Button Trim Dressy Legging with a sport jacket or suit jacket for an office/day look. 

Whatever your preference or style, there are many options available to us. Its time to start this season with a fresh look and we can start with some fresh additions to our wardrobes.

Antonella Caggianiello
Antonella Caggianiello


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