Lululemon's Popularity Could Be the "Kiss of Death"

Have you ever walked into your yoga studio or kick-boxing class and noticed two or three other participants wearing the same gear? When it comes to workout gear, the first brand that comes to mind is the big L. And that could be bad news for the company. Ashley Lutz from Business Insider explains why in her article, "Lululemon is insanely popular — and that's terrible news for the brand" 
Check out our other blog post "Yoga Pants All Day and Every Day"  for access to a Women's Health article making mention of the resurgence of other Canadian brands made right here in Canada such as Tonic, Karma and Slymwear. Have you also wondered where your yoga pants are made? Click the link to our other blog post here.

Antonella Caggianiello
Antonella Caggianiello


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