Fitness and Fashion Motivation - With Love, Meg

January 19, 2017

Fitness and Fashion Motivation - With Love, Meg


With Love, Meg’ is a Lifestyle Blog created by Megan McKenna with a focus on Fashion, Nutrition, and Travel with a few other things tossed in there. Megan is a Nutrition Student who loves to travel, live a healthy life, drink a good cup of coffee, and find amazing deals on beautiful pieces of clothing.

Meg shares her recent experience with My Legwear Shop and how some updates to your fitness fashion can get you in the mood to re-energize your fitness routine

"Want my advice to get you up and moving today, tomorrow and this whole week? A new workout outfit!  Whenever I am feeling in a workout rut, a new workout outfit is the perfect thing to re-motivate me to hit the gym, put in that extra mile, or do the extra set of burpees! My Legwear Shop is the perfect place to find that new piece to add to your sportswear collection! They have a wide variety of brands and pieces – there will most definitely be something there for you!"


 "The most important part of my workout outfit? A good pair of leggings. I love ones with a fun print on them like the pair I am wearing pictured here. IN LOVE! And I love that the pattern is made of neutral colors – so I can pair it with bright colors!"

Thank you Meg!