Popularity of Bamboo Clothing

January 19, 2017

Popularity of Bamboo Clothing

At My Legwear Shop we offer you the Slymwear collection which includes “Bamboo Naturals”. Slymwear is exclusive to and is made in Canada.  Technology for textile has evolved in recent years include the integration of bamboo fiber into clothing.  Bamboo has gained popularity as being “green” as it was found to reduce greenhouse gases. Bamboo is softer than the softest cotton, has a natural sheen to the surface and feels similar to cashmere. It is comfortable, more breathable than cotton, fast drying, moisture-wicking, anti-static and thermal regulating. It has the dual properties of keeping you cool in warmer temperatures while keeping you warmer in cooler temperatures!   Bamboo fiber naturally prevents the growth of bacteria thus keeping you odor-free. It has been found to show no reduction in its antibacterial nature or other properties even after 50 washes! It has been pre-shrunk making it easy care. Bamboo is inherently organic. It is grown without pesticides and absorbs 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide while producing about 35% more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees. 

 Try the Lucy long skirt (available in black and black/silver stripes). It’s a classic piece that allows you to wear with heels or with a pair of flip flops for a stroll on the beach. It's an extremely versatile piece you can dress up or wear as a swimsuit cover up.

Another personal favourite of ours is the Kelsey long sleeve bamboo wrap! It’s cowl collared with beautiful European buttons with free falling front facing tapered bamboo French terry fabric. You can dress up this elegant piece for work or for evening wear.

Check out "Bamboo Naturals" collection and visit the "My Products" page.