Simply Suppa "Love My Leggings"

We couldn't agree more! There is no question we all love our leggings including TV Host and Producer Julia Suppa. Julia provides personal insight into the transformation of leggings in fashion and includes them in her Holiday Gift Guide. 

"When I was a kid, I lived in leggings. I had leggings in every single colour of the rainbow. Like most kids of the 80s, I would wear a long t-shirt or tunic top with that little plastic loopy, belt buckle minus the belt, thingy, overtop my leggings.

Sometime between age 12 and 30, leggings became uncool. More than uncool. They were a faux pas. An embarrassment, even. Certain body types were discouraged from wearing leggings and if you did bare the bottoms, you had best be wearing them properly. Leggings are not pants, magazines and fashion shows would remind us. I even remember raising an eyebrow at the thought of putting on a pair -- no way, no how."

Read her full post here: Love My Leggings #giftguide


Antonella Caggianiello
Antonella Caggianiello


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