Celeste Stein Designs Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of printed hosiery in the United States. They have been featured in over 100 fashion publications and have been seen on top fashion models and celebrities. All their hosiery is designed and manufactured in the United States and have been known to work with leading fashion designers and retailers to develop  trouser socks, thigh-highs, tights, and leggings. Celeste Stein also manufactures specialty hosiery such as fishnet, lurex, and sheer tights, and compression socks and tights.  There are currently over 1800 sublimation* prints to choose from. They have been internationally recognized for their unique design and production capabilities. Their products have also been featured in several runway shows. This collection also includes children's couture leggings, capris and tights. 

*Sublimation printing is a process where “dye-sublimation” printers are used to heat transfer sublimation inks (dye) onto synthetic fabrics. The process is initiated with the use of a special heat sensitive dye to print the design onto paper. The printed paper is then placed together with the synthetic fabric into a heat press and pressed for a set time period.  

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