About Us

 “Fitness, Fun, Function or Fettish”…We’ve got you covered!

Welcome!  My name is Antonella and I’m the founder of My Legwear Shop. ⠀

My career started in the Financial Investment Industry where I worked for almost 20 years. The entrepreneur “itch” came after my 3rd child was born. With the encouragement of supportive family and friends, My Legwear Shop was born. Along this journey, I’ve had the honour of meeting and connecting with the most incredibly inspiring people.

Why legwear you ask? The idea was driven by my own desire to feel comfortable at all times whether I was at work, home, the gym or running errands with my kids. When it came to get ready and geared up for the day, grabbing a pair of leggings was my preference. As a working woman and busy mom, it was comfort over and above anything else, but one thing had to be consistent...they HAD to be comfortable. So, I was on a mission to find stylish, trendy and classic pieces with these conditions in mind…comfort and quality without breaking the bank. ⠀

Being comfortable in my own skin is absolutely crucial. Feeling good on the inside is just as important as feeling good on the outside. And I’m not talking about hair, makeup, size or shape. I’m talking about CONFIDENCE. It’s something I work at nurturing everyday. Confidence in my abilities, confidence in my physical and mental well being and confidence to step out of my comfort zone. Confidence is something WE control. Nobody can take it away from you except for YOU. ⠀

Our core principle is "CCC" (Comfort, Confidence and Convenience). We shouldn't have to compromise "comfort" to look our very best and most importantly, feel "confident" in our own skin. The convenience is available at the tip of your fingers offering you mobile and secure online shopping for all your legwear needs. Not sure what size to get or looking for something in particular? Simply Contact Me and I will be happy to assist you as your own personal shopper!

My Legwear Shop offers comfortable and comparatively affordable legwear for both girls and women. We scope for latest trends as well as classic wardrobe staples. We also test our products for quality, comfort and durability.

Slymwear is exclusive to My Legwear Shop. It features premium quality athletic wear, made in Canada, and suitable for all types of activities. Slymwear has brought to market the highest quality fabrics in the marketplace today. The nylon used is made to feel silky and smooth...a second skin so you can breathe and flex. With a high percentage of Spandex that is engineered into the fabric, your clothing will keep its shape forever. The breathability in this clothing allows it to dry faster than cotton, it won't fade, wrinkle, snag or pill. This premium line is ideal for yoga, dance, running, cycling, gymnastics or everyday casual wear. Premium active wear is available for pre-order in a large assortment of colours and sizes from XS to 4XL.  The "Bamboo Naturals" collection is unparalleled for its blissfully soft feel and flattering fit. The added spandex gives the fabric a little extra give when moving around. Bamboo is antibacterial, odor resistant, has natural wicking properties and is static free. The natural properties of bamboo keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. All of the Bamboo used in this line is pre-shrunk will maintain its properties for over 50 washes!

So get on board and help me inspire confidence in women and spread some #LegwearLove!

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her own clothes” - Vera Wang⠀

Antonella Caggianiello – Founder, My Legwear Shop